Dr. Lonise Bias is an internationally known motivational speaker, trainer, and consultant. A dynamic and compelling orator; Dr. Bias engages audiences with her motivational and inspirational presentations, workshops and seminars.

She is the founder of The Abundant Life Resources A More Excellent Way LLC., which is a community centered resource that replica watches uk focuses on helping youth, the family and the community navigate the challenges of daily living.

Dr. Bias is a change agent who believes that positive change can happen in our communities when we use practical grass-root methods of prevention and intervention. The community, family, youth, and those in the workplace are reachable, teachable, lovable and savable, but we must change our approach to adapt to their needs. Hope is not extinct.

She has delivered keynote addresses to the faith based community, the public and private sector, national and international conferences providing prescriptive solutions to remedy the social ills of our day. Her audiences are diverse. She replica breitling addresses students and heads of state including former President Bill Clinton.

Clients include the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), the Department of State, the US Office of Personnel Management, the White House Office of Drug Control Policy, The National Basketball Association, The National Football League, The NCAA Colleges, the North Carolina Association of Student Financial Aid, and numerous middle schools, high schools, and universities.

Dr. Bias has made many media appearances and is the recipient of numerous awards including the Boston Herald Community Service Award, the Soya Humanitarian Award, the Presidents Cabinet Award for Distinguished Service to replica watches uk Humanity from the University of Texas in Galveston, Bridging the Gap Humanitarian Award from the University of Pennsylvania, and Giant Steps Parent Award. In May of 1990 she was conferred an Honorary Doctorate of Education degree from the Anna Maria College in Paxton, Massachusetts.

Dr. Bias was thrust into the personnel and community development arena after the deaths of her two sons. Len Bias, the University of Maryland Basketball player died on June 19, 1986 of cocaine intoxication, two days after being drafted by the Boston Celtics. Jay Bias was the victim of a drive by shooting at a shopping mall in December of 1990.

These two tragic deaths forged her commitment to reclaim the community. There will be beauty for ashes, believing in the redemptive and transforming power of love. Hope is not extinct! "The Best Is Yet To Come, for community, youth, family, and our schools."

Portrait of Dr. Lonise P. Bias

Dr. Bias' work is humanitariam in substance and educational in its implementation. For almost two decades, she has traveled extensively through the United States and abroad sharing messages of hope to a variety of audiences including military, universities, government agencies.