Dr. Lonise P. Bias brings over twenty years of experience in delivering motivational keynote messages, developing and facilitating workshops, conferences, and seminars relating to the needs of community.


"Preserving the Community Is Not For Spectators"

Dr Bias is an advocate of change for the community and believes our communities are reachable, teachable, lovable, and savable.replica rolex She believes that building and preserving strong support systems to meet the needs of the community through practical grass-roots methods will begin the process of prevention and intervention movements against of the social ills destroying our communities.

It is Time for Us to Love The Unlovely!

Dr Bias delivers powerful keynote addresses that illuminate the thought processes and stimulate the mind to "a more excellent way" of viewing the value and hope of replica watches uk Community.

We specialize in messages of hope for the community and family.
At TALRAMEW, we believe community, the family, and youth are reachable, teachable, lovable, and savable. We must change our approach in adapting to there needs. What worked in 1996 won't work in 2007. Hope Is Not Extinct.


We embrace the opportunity to work with middle school, high school and college students. At The Abundant Life Resources A More Excellent Way we believe students are reachable, teachable, lovable, and, savable. We teach and celebrate themes that will help participants to:
  • Develop a sense of appreciation for themselves and respect for those in their realm of influence.
  • Better manage hardships and disappointments of life
  • Develop healthy relationships and good support systems
  • Make Good decisions about drugs/alcohol, sex, gangs, violence, etc
  • Respect authority
  • Health and nutrition

At the Workplace

We also bring messages of hope to those in the workplace bringing encouragement and inspiration for the challenges in today's work environment.

The Abundant Life Resources A More Excellent Way is ready and replica watches able to assist you with:
Motivational Speaking and Training

Speakers include Dr. Bias and a diverse roster of experienced facilitators, trainers and speakers with a over 60 years of combined experience. Our speakers have professional backgrounds in social work, management, law enforcement, education, health, counseling, professional training, workshop facilitation, and consulting.

Specialized Services

We develop workshops, conferences, retreats and keynote addresses to meet our client's needs. We assess the needs of each client and develop course materials best suited for the subject matter requested by the client. At TALRAMEW we can plan your next conference, retreat, seminar, or workshop. We offer professional event planners with an average of 10-20 years experience in planning local, national, and international conferences and events.

Perfoming Arts

Because we are a visually charged society TALRAMEW offers performing arts as an enhancement to convey your chosen message in workshops, conferences and seminars. Our experienced performers are great for opening and closing sessions. Light drama/skits, music, dance, and singing can add inspiration, encouragement and enlightenment to your program.

The Best Is Yet To Come
Through The Abundant Life Resources
A More Excellent Way, LLC

Hands Together

"There are many paths to the top of the mountain, but once you get there the view is the same."

Learning Together

We strive to give youth, family, communities and the workplace hope, inspiration, encouragement to better manage the challenges of daily existence.